Red Riding Hood In The City

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I have just returned from the enchanting holidays in Sweden where I visited my dear friend Inese. I do not remember the last time I have had such a relaxing time, so THANK YOU MY DEAR FOR INVITATION! :) I'll tell you more about this great trip soon, but today's story will be about something else.

I would like to introduce you to gorgeous red-headed beauty Taytor-Tomasi Hill. She is one of my favourite fashion inspiration's for some time. She's a a streetstyle star and the artistic director at MODA OPERANDI New York , where she’s responsible for overseeing all creative content from ideation to execution. TTH and her team select and curate designer items in Boutique, as well as conceptualize and style editorial stories. She has discovered new fashion talent from around the world for M'O, including Stella Jean, Ostwald Helgason, Mother of Pearl, MSGM, Isolda, and Rosie Assoulin. Taylor studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute and began her career as Accessories Assistant at W Magazine.

What I love about her the most is the fact that she doesn’t remind me of anyone else, which is so rare in the fashion industry and world of bloggers, where things and styles often look similar.
But, of course, she has her own fashion/ style inspiration, and this person is Sarah Rutson. „She has an incredible taste level and innate way of putting herself together. She is always the perfect blend of chic and cool and I love the effortlessness of her look"- she says.

Asked about her style - "I'm kind of a clothing chameleon. My style is something that's always evolving. I try to stay true to myself as much as possible. I love to mix and match pieces from stores like J.Crew and Topshop with my runway favorites like Proenza Schouler, Ann Demeulemeester, and Phillip Lim. Also being comfortable is a huge part of getting dressed, because I spend a ton of time running around the city from appointments, to meetings, and in and out of the office. Anything too tight, short, or high just doesn't work with my lifestyle. I also feel like I have to be practical. I go to Fashion Week in every city and packing for a 27-day marathon can be pretty challenging. Basics save my life!"

This happened to be the first picture that saw some time ago, and it is the reason of why my interest about her started to grow. I so do love this fabulous look!

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