Outside The Lines

It’s always so exciting to see kids' drawings. There are no rules, there are no „rights and wrongs”- there is just the kid with his mood and imagination.

It’s funny how Audrey, most of the time, draw people with their hair standing right up in the air- in a punk style :) When I look at her beautiful drawings, I never tell her, that hair actually do not stand that way (with exceptions, ofcourse:) ).

The way we see our lives make us special. Don’t push your child to think like everyone else. Let him draw over the lines while he can, because there will come the time he won’t be able to do that way. Don’t misunderstand me- I am not against the rules, I think it is importnant for child to know his boundaries, only art is not the right place for it.

Today I wanted to show a little piece of Audrey’s world. Please, enjoy this small virtual exhibition!

I would be so happy if you could send me some of your kids' favourite drawings, so I could add them to this exhibiton! My e-mail: lusenalaura@gmail.com or laura_lusena@inbox.lv

Have a great weekend, Everyone! :) 

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