Audray’s 4th Birthday

We made these cute ‘Ice-cream on a stick’ invitations togehther with Audrey. I bought different colored papper and wooden ice-cream sticks in a stationery shop. Then we made patterns of cardboard and copied them on colored paper. We used a papper puncher to make these little papper dots. It was easy and fun project! You can use a glue stick or double sided adhesive tape to stick them together. I wrote the invitation text on the back of the ‘Ice- cream’ by hand, but you can print them out before and then glue on the backside, already having text on them.
As I’ve told you in other article (read here), I love to make little snacks for kids. At this time I made a plate of joghurt with strawberries, cholotate milk with Domino cookies and strawberry milk with oatmeal cookies

I bought two types of pastry baskets and filled with cheese salad. Audrey’s birthday is in May, so I decorated them with spring onions and lilac flowers

I love to use good quality plastic shot glasses for making small snacks. Kids love these carrot & cucumber sticks. I poured the white yogurt sauce with a little garlic and dill at the bottom of the glass. There are a variety of vegetables, which can be served in this way, for example - zucchini, peppers, rutabaga, celery stalks and so on.  

This is my favorite cup cake recipe, which is not actually a cup cake recipe… It was my favorite Carrot cake recipe (don’t be afraid- it tastes nothing like carrots :) ), but then I thought- why shouldn’t try to make a cupcakes from it? And from that moment I have used this recipe only for that purpose. I will soon post this recipe on my FOOD category! At this time I decorated them with icing sugar, homemade black currant jam and fresh strawberries, but there are plenty of other options for decorating.

 Audray with her cousin Hugo and Auntie Rita

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