Hat H&M 9,95Euro / Coat Monsoon / Boots Clarks

Ahhh, that hat! It was love at first sight. It is so funny, sweet and unique, and so Audray... Of course, it wasn’t  a necessary purchase, because it is not very practical for a Latvian fall, but I just got so weak, so.. I did buy it :)

I showed it to some people after I had bought it, and everyone looked at me like I had got insane or something, but the best part about it is that I don’t care. Because it is the fact – If you love something so much, you don’t need any approval of others.

And doesn’t she look adorable with it?

Model: Odrija Lusena
Style: Laura Lusena
Photos: Laura Lusena


  1. ai CIK SUPERIIGA CEPURE! un modele - apburosha! :))) kapec nav praktiska? vel lidz novembrim varesiet valkaat!

    1. Nav praktiska, jo nepasargā ausis no rudens vējiem un lietiem. Un, ja ir saulains un silts- tad tak vairs nevajag cepuri :)) Paldies, mīļā! :)

    2. Vesaa un nedaudz veejainaa dienaa - vienalga ideaali! :) TIK traki jau nepuush tajas ausiis ;) mode prasa upurus :D

  2. Audrey gets 10 points from me! ;) PERFECT!