It is so funny to see how your peers grow up. I still remember them as babies and me & my sister fighting for which of us would hold them. And now they have grown up, and we are having great time & movie nights together.

The story is about my little cousins Liva & Liene. I have made photo sessions with them since they were kids, and I still do. They have become adults so fast and now they are two young, beautiful women with their own sense of style.
Today I wanted to have some girl talk with them about fashion, dreams etc. And have a sneak peak in their closets, of course!  

You can read interview with Liene here: Liene

Name: Liva
Age: 19

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

- After ten years I would definitely love to have family with at least two kids. And I would love to be a successful diplomat.

If you would have an opportunity to do whatever you want, what would it be?

- I would love to travel all over the world together with my sister, because she is my closest person.

What are the three most important things for girl to look good?

- Beautiful hair, healthy face skin, white teeth.

How could you describe your style?

 - My every-day style to university is classic & elegant. Black colour is dominant in my wardrobe but in summertime I love to have colourful outfit.

Do you have something you thought you could never wear, but now you do?

- A few years ago I thought I could never wear any leather clothing, but now I am the biggest fan!

What is definitely a must-have in  your wardrobe?

- Black tight throusers & black high heels.

Your favourite fashion designer at the moment?

- At the moment it’s Michael Kors.

 Favourite place for shopping?

- ‘Zara’, ‘Mango’,  ‘Massimo dutti’

It’s shoes for Carrie Bradshove... What is your obsession, if you have any?

- Lately it is accessories. It’s hard to leave a shop without buying some new piece.

Your celebrity style icons are...

- Blake Lively, Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo

If you would need to choose 1 place in the world to live in, besides Latvia, what would it be? Why?

- It would definitely be New York. It has been my dream for a long time. I think, New York is an amazing place where all the roads cross - culture, fashion, business etc.

If your friends should have to describe you, what would they say?

- I think they would say that they can trust me, because I could never let down my friends. And I am always willing to help when they need it the most.

Favourite movie?

- ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’. It is a movie I can wach over and over again.

Favourite coctail?

- Mojito. Mmmm... :)

Style: Laura Lusena
Photos: Laura Lusena

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