It's Autumn

 Days ar getting colder and shorter, leaves are turning into all those marvelous colors... It’s autumn again. I know that almost everyone feel sad, as summer comes to an end... but I, actually, do not feel that way! I feel a sense of joy about the change of seasons.

Now, when I am not a city girl anymore,  I have the wonderful opportunity to see the most beautiful part of each season. Because there is no better place to feel it, than in the countryside. 

It’s hard to imagine, how it’s for those people, who live in a single climate zone, where are no obvious borders between the seasons, but I always feel a little bit tired, when a season has ended.

Summer always comes with lots of acctivities, lots of parties and celebrations, which is great, indeed, but autumn and winter come with serenity and peace, which, I think, is ‘so me’. It feels like even the time starts to go slower.

So don’t be sad! Take the best, that every season can give to you, and truely ENJOY IT!

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