If Hipster Was Rich

Ok, you probably think ‘What the hell???’ So let me explain. When I had finished this chest of drawers, I wasn’t sure about the knobs that I had chosen for it. I was looking at it and thinking aloud „probably I should find different ones...?” I was still in our garage with my husband and my sister’s husband Ivars. 

Then both of them started to convince me that those are so cool and don’t need to be changed. So weird, because my husband is not a ‘gold and sparkle’ kind of guy at all. And then Ivars said this funny phrase - „ If a hipster was rich, he probably would have such a chest of drawers”. And I still remember that every time when I am looking at it. I know there is no sense, but it’s just funny :)

 Haha, my favourite postcard :) So me! I feel like that every time when I'm going out on some special event!

About the set-up

Actually it is not an orginal set-up for my chest of drawers. I just picked some nice things all around my house to set up the composition for the photo session. It is still clean and empty. But I made a little collage to show you, guys, how I would like to arrange it in the future. 



And finaly...


Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1: Clean the chest from all dust.

         Step 2: Unscrew all the screws. Put them in a small bag, so they don’t get lost. 
        Step 3: Make sure you have all the tools- porolone paint roller with tray, high quality brush for places which are hard to access with the roller, alkid paint (on the water base), warnish (on the water base), glows
I like to wrap up my paint tray with polythene so I wouldn’t have to wash it after each paint coat that I am putting on the drawer. Yes, you got me there- I found this trick on Pinterest! :)
Step 4: Put the first coat of paint, then wait for it to dry. I repeated this step for four times.

         Step 5: Put all the metal details on an old newspaper or in the box. I used a pizza box. Make sure that they are clean from dust. Than blow a first coat of paint and wait for it to dry. Repeat this step for three times.

Step 6: Finally put a coat of varnish on your chest and let it dry completely. Repeat this step for two times.

         Step 7: Skrew all the details together and put on new knobs.

 Yey!!! You’re DONE!!


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  1. Holy cow, Laura. My mind is literally blown. I can not tell you how much I love this. The knobs are so fabulous! Adore this post, love. :) If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo