Divine Shrimps

(Ingredients for 4-6 people)

1kg large shrimps
150g butter
5 heads of garlic
150ml dry white wine
large bouquet of parsley
Ciabatta bred
Sweet chilli Thai sauce

Cut heads of garlic (with all peel) horizontally on the halfs. Melt the butter in a saucepan or bowler. Put the garlic halfs in it and cook till they get light golden. Add defrosted, drained (with paper towels) gray shrimp. Add a whole bouquet of parsley. Fry it all till shrimps become pink (max for 10 minutes).

Add some pepper, salt and wine, and stew for 3 more minutes until you feel the scent .

Put them in a classy, large bowl so butter drains at the bottom (it will be a sauce  where you could dip in the bread). Put the garlic  halfs around and all the parsley on the top. 

Eat with sweet chili Thai sauce, Ciabatta and white wine. 

Bon Apettite!


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