It was a sunny day of july when me and my family (my parents and sister) went to this wonderful trip to Limbazi. Actualy I do not recall when was the last time all of us went for the trip together - now when me & my sister have our own families, we don’t do it that much. It was like the old days – driving in one car, taking photos of each other, laughing and just having fun.

We went to the lavander fields „Lillas”. As there are only two places in Latvia where people grow lavander, it is pretty exotic for us.

I have always dreamed about visiting Provance in blooming time of lavander so when I heard that Lavander Fest is just few days away & after they do harvest, I knew I have to see those miniature lavander fields right here in Latvia.

Our route: Home – Home bistro ‘Ramkalni’ – ‘Lillas’– Pub ‘Korande’ – Home

 Lavander & berries from my own garden
Having breakfast at bistro ‘Ramkalni’
 Rhubarb sorbet was way too sweet for my taste but it’s colour was absolutely amazing :)

Blouse & hat from Lindex, skirt Promod, shoes Seppala, watch River Island
'Lillas' production

 Pub 'Korande'
Having dinner at pub 'Korande'

Products I own from 'Lillas'
 Thank you mom!:)

Floral water
                       A scent pad
                 Gorgeous lavander wreath
                This product is from another place but it's also a present from my lovely mom who still loves to take care of me :) This shower souffle from STENDERS cosmetics is absolutely amazing. You almost whant to eat it. It has this adorable Mascarpone cheese consistensy with gentle scrub in it- so you can use it like every day. And it smells heavenly as long as you love the smell of lavander. I am so recommending it!

This family reunion trip was so nice! I hope we will repeat it next year too!

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