Clean & Classy

Blouse Seppala / Pants Zara / Clutch Mohito / Sunglasses from Thailand / Watch Parfois

It was a rainy day of August when I was shooting these photos. I had to take my four year old Audrey with me because there was nobody to stay home with her, so it was pretty fun shoot as you may presume ;)

It was the first time I photographed in public place so I`d say it was quite challenging for both – me and my dear cousin Liva, taking into account that she is not a proffesional model. But it was ok. We used so called “ostrich” principle - I suppose the best solution in moments like this – it says- if I don`t see anyone, than anyone can`t see me. 

I wish the quality of photos where better, but I keep saying to myself- YOU LIVE. YOU LEARN. And then you just move forward.


Model: Liva Kalnina
Style: Laura Lusena
Photos: Laura Lusena

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