Birthday gift

Hello everyone!

Me and my husband just got back from amazing weekend trip to Estonia. We went to Kuresare - the capital of Saareema and the largest island of Estonia.

This trip was a present from my husband to my 28  birthday. So sweet of him! :)

We stayed at beautiful Grand Rose Spa hotel which was already my second time in there and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Just a thought of having few days off with my husband, just two of us, made me really happy!

We had leisured walks to nowhere. Afternoon naps. Shopping. Long evenings at the local restaurants and late breakfasts in the morning. We enjoyed our time in spa having steam sauna and bubble bath while we were all happy and exhausted.

We even tried Garra Rufa fishes or Doctorfish exotic pedicure what was funny expierence. I still can not believe my husband went for that :)

And now I am home. Full of energy & so excited to see my little Audray again. It’s so funny how I can be just few days away but she always looks a bit more grown up when I see her again.


  1. mmm, sounds and looks wonderful... but..WOW, I cannot believe either, that HE agreed to having a fish pedicure! :)))

    1. Unbelievable, isn't it?? He is full of surprises! :D