About a year ago

It was about a year ago when my little Audrey was celebrating her third birthday. It was the time when the Mickey Mouse Club House was still on her TOP list, and Minney was her number one idol, of course. So I decided to throw her a Minney’s Candy party. 
Actually Minney didn’t appear on her Pary decorations as much, but we made Minney’s theme invitations & Audrey wore a glittered top with Minney on it. So that was it. But there was a lot of candy in her Minney’s Candy party, therefore the problem was solved! :) 

  I found these Minney themed invation somewhere on Pinterest, and I loved that they were so easy to make. I googled  mickey silhouette, printed one larger and one smaller & cut them both out (smaller without ears). Then I took the largest one and just copied it on black, thicker paper. Afterwards I wrote the invitation text and printed it on one of the copies first, to see, if  it would fit to the smaller Minney’s silhouette. Than all you do is just stick them together with glue (glue pencil or double-faced tape) and glue or sew some nice bow on it. That is it!

A special cake and flowers from dear grandma, while Audray is still in a process of helping me out in the kitchen.

These sweet candy decorations were very simple to make- you just glue 2 plastic plates together and wrap in a transparent wrapping paper, like a sugarplum. 
I know, I know... This was supposed to be Minney’s, not Kitty’s party, but my auntie gave this sweet Shampoo bottle to Audrey, so we decided to place it right on the top of cupcake stand in order to give the table more childish look.

When it comes to kid parties, I love to make some little snacks, so they can grab one quickly and run on. This time I was making two kinds of snacks- two sorts of yoghurt with fresh strawberries & curd with cream, candied fruit and blueberries.

Photo wall that was not finished because for lack of the time.

Kids were excited about little relay-race my husband had set up for them.

Our present – dwarf rabbit Till ( my husband gave him this name in the honor of his favourite rock band's Ramstein solo singer). He's a very special rabbit. He knows how to play ball and now he lives outside the house and jumps all day and night around our neighbour's courts, and acs pretty much like a cat.


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